Ideally designed Thermal Camera to help in fighting the Pandemic

AI Powered Precision

The camera accurately measures the temperature of person using AI powered face localization & thermal overlay.


Unlike thermometers, it can measure the temperature of person up-to 2 meter distance without any manual intervention.

Plug & Play

Mount on tripod, provide power supply, data connectivity, minor configurations & get started.

Smart Alerts

When the system detects temperature abnormalities, it will generate instant sound alert and send SMS to multiple stakeholders.

Cloud Platform

We also provide a cloud platform to centrally monitor & analyse all the cameras that are implemented at different location.

Mask Detection

The camera can also detect if a person is wearing mask or not. Also the measurements are not affected by mask.

ScreenX Thermal Camera

ScreenX ST-35 is a very powerful yet compact thermal screening solution designed for smart screening of people’s temperature. It is ideal for various places like hospitals, metros, airports, offices, factories etc. It is equipped with AI powered facial tracking for accurate localization and tracking of people’s temperature for quick and efficient isolation of feverish individuals without manual exposure of any personnel.

Local Screening & Diagnostics

Use our advanced local screening and diagnostic software to effectively screen people. You can also change the settings for view, alarm, data filters, temperature set points.

Centralized Monitoring and Analysis With Cloud Platform

The cloud platform will help to centrally monitor all the cameras. Also you can access reports, temperature trends & configure SMS alerts for sending it to doctors.

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